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Trimble 5700

Trimble 5700 GPS Receiver

A versatile modular GPS receiver

The TrimbleŽ 5700 GPS system is a versatile Trimble GPS receiver that is ideal for control, measurement, design, stakeout, or as-built work. WAAS and EGNOS ready, it enables you to conduct real-time differential GIS grade surveys and navigation without a base station when in areas of WAAS/EGNOS coverage.

Trimble 5700 offers:

  • Trimble Maxwell technology for superior tracking
  • Modular design for versatility: on a pole or tripod, on a vehicle, or in a backpack.
  • A full metal jacket...and it's lightweight
  • Fast and efficient data storage and communications
  • Your choice of Trimble antenna for RTK roving or geodetic surveying

Trimble 5700 Literature

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