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Survey Controller field software

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The standard for GPS / GNSS and total-station surveying

Trimble Survey Controller field software provides a complete data-collection solution for GPS / GNSS and optical surveying. Advanced yet easy to use, Trimble Survey Controller helps complete every job faster and easier. It gives full control over data collection and stakeout, with color maps displaying results in real time as you measure.
Surveying data is organized in a single job file. You can switch seamlessly between Trimble GPS / GNSS systems and optical total stations, including major third-party total stations.

  • Transfer data to any office software in the Trimble suite for processing, including Trimble Geomatics Office, Trimble Total Control, Trimble Business Center, and Terramodel software.
  • Transfer data to and from third-party survey-, design-, and GIS-software packages (via the office software).

Spatial Imaging

Trimble Survey Controller supports the Trimble VX Spatial Station.

  • Stream and capture digital images of a job site for faster aiming through the controller screen, greater quality control, and easy data handover.
  • Use 3D scanning to collect a greater number of points in less time.

Trimble Survey Controller Options

  • Engineering Option for Trimble Survey Controller targets specific workflows such as tunneling and monitoring. The software leads you through tasks such as marking areas of undercut and overcut with the laser pointer of the Trimble S8 total station. The Engineering Option also expedites data collection for monitoring applications.
  • High-Accuracy GIS Option for Trimble Survey Controller provides the tools to deliver GIS-ready information with survey accuracy. Users can save time and avoid mistakes by linking images to a point as soon as they are collected using a WiFi-capable camera/

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