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Trimble HPB450 radio modem

Trimble HPB450

A powerful and rugged UHF-band radio modem designed for GPS surveying systems

High power and extremely long range
With its 35-watt power output, the Trimble HPB450 is the most powerful radio of its type available. With a fast over-the-air data rate, the HPB450 also offers reduced latency for improved GPS positioning performance.

The HPB450 is easily configured to work either as a base or as a repeater.

Intelligent protocols and AutoBase technology
Broadcast range and noise imunity are significantly enhanced by the HPB450 radio modem's forward-error-correcting (FEC) protocol.

Seamless integration with Trimble GPS systems
The Trimble HPB450 radio modem is designed to fit seamlessly into new and existing Trimble GPS surveying systems. It is built to the same standards of ruggedness and reliability as other Trimble products and is very easy to use. It is lightweight and consumes minmal power for longer field operation, so you can rely on this radio modem to perform in the field day after day, whatever the conditions. With its built-in hanger bracket, the radio modem can be mounted on any tripod

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