General Radio-Modem support topics

Capturing and Translating Call Signs
As you know (or should know if you are using a UHF-band radio modem at your RTK GPS base), FCC regulations require radio modems transmitting data to identify themselves by broadcasting their call sign in Morse code every 15 minutes. This is to everyone's advantage, because if there is a conflict the parties involved can resolve the problem without bringing in the FCC's Enforcement Bureau / Spectrum Enforcement Division.

So you say you do not know Morse code? Not to worry - here we provide an easy-to-use method for capturing and translating the Morse-code call-sign broadcasts without learning a single bit of Morse code.

We encourage all those using UHF-band radio modems to make sure their radio modems are properly broadcasting the correct call sign. This can keep you out of trouble with the FCC.

User Responsibilities
Most of us are using shared radio frequencies. Act responsibly.

Known Frequency Conflicts
This is a sometimes effort to keep records of known frequency conflicts. Please let us know of other conflicts you find in Wyoming and Montana.