Survey Data Collectors and Field Software support topics

Trimble TSC2 data collector

PIM Backup on Trimble TSC2 / Survey Controller data collector
PIM Backup is a free backup utility that works on Windows Mobile devices. PIM Backup can make automatic backups of all survey data once a day at a scheduled time. Or, the operator can use PIM Backup to create a backup file at any desired time.

The backups will be on a removable memory card that will be usable even in most cases of catastrophic failure of the TSC2.

Users of the Trimble TSC2 / Survey Controller data collector need to realize that once a file is deleted from the TSC2's internal memory the data is gone forever - there is no way to recover deleted files. Implementing a backup-and-recovery strategy is cheap insurance for valuable survey data.

My Mobiler - Free remote display for Trimble TSC2
MyMobiler is a free remote-display utility that works on Windows Mobile devices. Remote display is particularly useful when a number of people need to see what is happening on a data-collector screen, such as in a training session or demonstration. MyMobiler is also a handy tool for creating and managing screen captures and videos from your Windows Mobile devices.

Trimble Survey Controller software

Exporting a geoid model to Trimble Survey Controller data collectors
Instructions for exporting a geoid model (GEOID99, GEOID03, or GEOID09, for esample) or a portion thereof to a data collector running Trimble Survey Controller software. A separate document under the Survey Office Software heading provides instructions for installing GEOID09 in the Trimble Geomatics Office PC software.

RTK over internet

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