Survey Office Software support topics

Very frequent problem - you try to move data between data collector running Survey Controller software and Trimble Geomatics Office and get an error message about "converter not found". This error message generally means that the Survey Controller software on your data collector is newer than the Data Transfer software on your computer and Data Transfer does not have the newer converter needed. Update Data Transfer to the latest version available for download from the Trimble web site. If the problem persists, send an email including the Survey Controller version to Inland GPS Inc.

ActiveSync Keys
A little utility named ActiveSync Keys does a registry tweak that sets ActiveSync so it does only Guest connections. In the Trimble application we are not synchronizing devices, so the Guest-only configuration prevents annoying requests from ActiveSync to establish partnerships. Most of our customers agree this is a valuable utility. We have posted ActiveSync Keys on our download site, the zipped file contains both the software and some documentation. Link above takes you to the folder that contains the PowerPoint file; right click on the filename and select "Save Target As...".

Adding OPUS Importer to Tringle Geomatics Office Ver 1.6X
Instructions for adding an importer to Trimble Geomatics Office (TGO) that will import the e-mail you receive from National Geodetic Survey with the OPUS results. This saves typing in the position information..

Installing GEOID09 in Trimble Geomatics Office PC software
Instructions for installing the GEOID09 geoid model in Trimble Geomatics Office (TGO). A separate document under Survey Data Collectors and Field Software | Trimble Survey Controller software provides instructions for exporting GEOID09 to a data collector running Trimble Survey Controller software.

Grid Coordinates to TGO and Survey Controller
Instructions for using Trimble Geomatics Office (TGO) to send a grid-coordinate file (name, northing, easting, elevation, etc.) to a Trimble Survey Controller data collector. These instructions are intended for the often-encountered situation in which the coordinates are "local" grid coordinates (either from previous work with an optical surveying instrument, or else of unknown or uncertain origin) and it is desired to use the grid coordinates to do a site calibration and then perform additional GPS surveying and/or stakeout using a coordinate system in which the projection surface is at an elevation representative of the project area.

Installing TGO on Windows 7
Instructions for installing Trimble Geomatics Office (TGO) on a computer running the Windows 7 operating system. Trimble does not support operation of TGO on operating systems newer than Windows XP. Here we present a new method that uses the "Troubleshoot compatibility" feature of Windows 7 to determine compatibility modes for the installation and update files. This is a work in progress, so please let us know what you learn as you go through this process.

Feature and Attribute Editor on Windows 7
This document is our first attempt at finding a way to make Feature and Attribute Editor play nice in the Windows 7 environment. This utility from the late 1990s does not obey the software rules in effect in the 2010s. We present a workaround that allows a standard user on a Windows 7 computer run Trimble Geomatics Office and Feature and Attribute Editor under administrator privileges even though the standard user does not have or know the administrator password. As with all of these instructions, we are still attempting to figure out all this stuff so please let us know what you learn as you go through this process.